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As a global communications agency, EPI Communication offers services in graphic design, strategic consulting, editorial expertise and multi-media advertising.

Furthermore, EPI Communication organizes targeted events to facilitate the implantation of brands or companies in the Principality.

  1. Our experience and expertise enable us to respond to all requests in order to:

– Enhance corporate visibility

– Support external or internal communication, on paper or Internet

– Support companies in their demand for local presence or development

– Ensure upscale events on behalf of corporations.

  1. Epi Communication is the editor of powerful magazines in French and English, well implanted mostly on Monaco and the PACA region: The Best of Monaco, Banking & Finance, Events & Conventions, Kompass Monaco. Monaco Madame, Hotel & Lodge and Residences Decoration are distributed in Monaco, France, Switzerland and Belgium.

The first, The Best, gives Monegasque companies as well as the authorities of the Principality, an incomparable promotional tool.

Banking & Finance accompanies the Monaco financial center in all its developments through a direct relationship with all market players,.

Monaco Madame is the women’s magazine of the Principality.

Hotel & Lodge, of which Epi finalizes the realization, is the first magazine in the French luxury hotel industry ; concerning RésidencesDécoration, it is a leader in the deco-design segment.

  1. With a sales team of three people in the Principality, one person in the PACA region and one in Paris, Epi Communication ensures the advertising management of its own magazines, but also those of Radio & Television (Radio Monaco, Monaco Info) and local advertising for Residences-Decoration and Hotel & Lodge.

With our graphic studio, our design team of 4 people also performs visual and advertising creations for our customers.

4.- Epi Communication facilitates the establishment of brands or companies in the Principality, proposing, through the organization of events, the establishment of effective networking ; by building out media plans and plans adapted to their budget and their needs, and by building a strategy adapted to social networks.


Head Office adress:
2, rue de la Lüjerneta, Athos Palace, BP 632 98013 Monaco cedex
Phone: + 377 97 97 60 00
Fax: + 377 97 97 60 30



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